It is often claimed that the adult entertainment industry in West Midland is full of racism

This claim seems to have been fueled by use of what is seen as racist language such as a “black cock” and other similar expressions, but who is actually claiming the adult entertainment is racist? I have been involved in the adult entertainment industry for a long time, but to date I have not as yet come across any racist West Midland escorts or porn stars. The majority of people that I have met in the adult entertainment industry have been open minded, and I have never heard any racist language used. Perhaps the problem is also like many West Midland escorts of say, that we are a bit too over the top when it comes to racist language. What is it anyway? Certain words may sound racist towards other nationalities but sometimes the shoe is on the other foot as well. Perhaps we are just too worried about it. At the moment there are probably as many coloured West Midland escorts and West Midland porn stars as there are white ones. That being said, we mustn’t forget that there are also many Japanese and Chinese escorts in West Midland and porn stars within the West Midland adult entertainment industry. Do they count when it comes to racism? I decided to send out our roving Swedish born reporter Tittiana Nilsson to speak to a couple of West Midland escorts to find out if they thought there is racism within the adult entertainment industry. Suli from Japan Suli from Japan has been working as part of a team of escorts in West Midland for 5 years. I asked her if she had experienced any racist comments from dates or people within the industry. Suli said that she had been called a pretty Japanese Geisha a couple of times but there is nothing wrong with that. She trained to be a geisha, and she is Japanese so dates and others are just starting a fact. She said that she thinks that people are always respectful to her. She was also keen to point out that there are now so many different nationalities within the West Midland adult entertainment industry, and that the large majority are happy to work together. It almost feels like its own community within the greater community of West Midland, and there is nothing wrong with that. She knows a lot of other West Midland escorts from other countries and says that all of them are really good friends. Yumana from Cairo Experienced oriental masseuse from Cairo Yumana, says that she has not experienced any racism since coming to West Midland. She says that quite the opposite seems to be true, and this is one town which celebrates the many cultures that live here. Yumana says that she is happy to work with West Midland escorts from many other parts of the world, and says that she has learned a lot from her new friends here in West Midland. All of the other West Midland escorts that I know say exactly the same thing Yumana says as she hurries me out through the door. It turns out that oriental massages, especially Egyptian ones, are very popular in the West End of West Midland. Perhaps a lot of people outside the porn and adult entertainment industry in West Midland are just using this claim as a different ticket to discredit the industry. It might be a good idea for them to do a bit of research, and speak to some West Midland escorts before they put pen to paper.

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